Who has been your biggest influence?

My parents. They immigrated to America from Vietnam without knowing anyone or a word of English. If they were able to accomplish everything they have so far, I believe I can accomplish my career goals.

What was your “finest moment;" the thing you’re most proud of?

When I was living in Germany and learning the language for the first time, I had a lengthy conversation with the ice cream man in German. It came to me as a surprise because I did not think I was at that level yet. I was able to call myself trilingual for a good few months until I returned to the States and lost it.

What is your most embarrassing work story?

We had a parade in Manhattan to promote the National Beard and Moustache Championships, but my plane from New Orleans got delayed so it had to start without me. I spent a good 45 minutes chasing the parade all over Manhattan with my luggage. Let’s just say that I didn’t look too great running to the beardsmen and the client to finally join the parade. 

What is a great client story that you’d care to share?

For Monster Jam New Orleans, we got the opportunity to work with Team Gleason. First, it felt incredible to be able to raise money for ALS. Second, being in the same room as Steve Gleason was an honor. Steve chose to persevere and live the rest of his life being the best he could be for his family and community and I felt very lucky to be a small part of his journey.

Where did you grow up and what was it like?

I moved around quite a bit (Los Angeles, Delaware, Virginia), but I grew up in Mandeville, Louisiana. Mandeville is in its own little world although it is only 30 minutes away from New Orleans. We had to be very creative with entertaining ourselves as not many events happened in the city. I’ve made lifelong friends growing up there – that’s my biggest takeaway.

What are two things that most people do not know about you?

I am double jointed in my fingers and am sporadically great at darts.


Louisiana State University
Bachelor of Arts, Mass Communications, Marketing